Quarantine Depression

How can I take it one day at a time

When every day is the same?

Every morning starts with the same sun

Shining on me in the same bed.

I’ll eventually sit on the same couch,

Drinking the same coffee,

Staring at the same TV

Broadcasting the same news.

How can I take it one day at a time wheb

My Monday’s look exactly like my Thursday’s

And Thursday’s feels like today


  1. I know exactly what you mean. In my worst situations, people have said that to me, but you really need real hope and some feeling of progress achievement each day, otherwise you just don’t get out of bed. ESPecially if you’re the sort of person who really values each day, sees each day as a long thing. And enough social contact and good conversation is critical.

    I’ve been up and down, but I keep returning to this goal of making each day different. I’ve always hated monotony. When I notice I’ve got into a monotonous rut, I’m forgiving myself and then enthusiastically doing something different. That’s taking work with the forgiveness side.

    Podcasts with other people discussing how they’re getting through also really help me. Learning just about anything helps, too. Like learning a language, some music, reading about something new. The right kind of music at the right times can do so much! Sorry if I’ve rambled, just wanted to throw some ideas out for people. πŸ’™


    • I’ve noticed you didn’t publish anything for a while before this actually. So just writing this was a great step! I’ve also just noticed that you’re a scientist! That’s awesome πŸ‘

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